Pay Per Click

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What Smart Web Results can do for your business

  • Target new audiences and increase sales
  • Appear in Google’s search results within hours
  • Target your ads to specific locations
  • Pay only for results
  • Variety of ads
  • Monthly reports

What Google can do for Advertisers?

Advertising on Google can help an advertiser meet many objectives
Determining, measuring, and tracking metrics helps ensure success

With the use of Sponsored Links, your business can be at the very top of all the search engines quite simply and rapidly with pay per click advertising.

AdWords or Sponsored Links are paid advertising. The beauty is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Evidence shows that if someone clicks on your ad there is most certainly and interest in the service you offer.
With the correct phrases in your ad the visitor will be taken to the relevant part of the site for their search.