Search Engine Optimisation

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What Smart Web Results can do for your business

  • Target new audiences and increase sales
  • Appear in Google’s search results within hours
  • Target your ads to specific locations
  • Pay only for results
  • Variety of ads
  • Monthly reports

What Google can do for Advertisers?

SEO is the understanding of search engines and using this knowledge to improve the visibility of a website.

  • Search Words are the phrases people use when they are looking for anything. These are often referred to as Keywords.
  • The Natural listings on the left-hand side of the page are websites, which are free to view and advertise. Google gives these ratings. As a guide 7/10, people visit the top three ranked in the Natural Listings once searched
  • The Sponsored Link, at the top and right-hand side of the page are those, which are free to advertise, but there is a charge when the visitor clicks on the link – in other words ‘paid advertising’. As ‘Paid Advertising’ the link will be set up on Google within fifteen minutes.

Getting good Ranking in Natural Listings

What makes Google rank (give higher visibility) to some sites better than others?

  • Quality of Web site
  • Quality and quantity of content
  • Structure of the Website
  • Google guidelines adherence
  • Links (Friend ‘recommendations’)

Under lying throughout, are that Keywords are crucial to the success of the site is being ‘RATED’ for the most appropriate keywords (search phrases) that customers use.

Keywords are the words used when searching on the web. People search in many ways on the internet but even though you may have exactly what they are looking for they may not always come across your website. With the right research, we can show you the correct Keywords to use in order to get results.

We believe that there are three key things, which will enable you, to get good Ranking

  • Find the right Keywords for your web site
  • Optimize your web pages for these Keywords.
  • Get links from other web sites and make sure that these links contain your Keywords

Done correctly and in the right order, you will be able to enjoy a high-ranking website on the first page of Google.